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Let me first say hello and proclaim how delighted I am that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article. I promise never to put anyone to sleep, though I may provoke some interesting thoughts from you from time to time.

Often strangers stop me in the street or on planes and ask me what I do for a living. Often when I feel that we have a little time together to kibitz, I chuckle and state emphatically that I never sleep as I have an engineering and creative mind vying for attention at all times. Certainly, I reason, it is not easy for me having grown up playing the electric guitar for two score or more, coupled with an engineering mind for as long as I can remember, and this situation is clearly a curse for me. So there you have it, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the left side of my brain and the right side are constantly fighting for their piece of the action so to speak.

If you happen to have this same curse then you can empathize with me and know that while I am trying to play a simple game of golf whilst listening to my favorite MP3 blaring in my earphones, wondering if that was reverb on the snare drum, and did they use a click track in the studio, and can they play that live as well as the recording, I am also simultaneously trying to get a grasp on is that breeze I feel a two club wind, is the grass on the greens growing toward the mountains, or the water, is my lie level, with the ball hook because I am playing to an uphill green, will I be able to stick my wedge in there for birdie, what if the collars are thick grass and I short side myself??????

Ok, for those of you who have this same dilemma, I want to hear from you. And for those who don’t, count yourself lucky! So where are you going with this Blair you ask? Perhaps you already know me and if you did, you would know that I only speak in broken sentences while my brain over-processes facts and sound bites literally nonstop.

Well, during my former years as a band guy, aka: Rock Star, not only did I lug gear across the floor of every club in the ATL, I also spent the better part of my waking hours (21 per day) teaching rock guitar to countless budding musicians. As part of my curriculum, I would attempt to overwhelm the would-be future teenage rock stars with the first session in an effort to weed out those who did not have the drive and determination to persevere and succeed. In fact, one of the phrases that I put into the student’s textbook for the first night of shenanigans was the quote “amateurs practice until they get it right, and professionals practice until they can’t play it wrong.”

This simple phrase had mountains of meaning back then I thought, not just for little rock guitarists, but also for anyone who has ever tried to be the best at what they do. Well almost everyone I suppose. What I found from experience was that the young musicians wanted to learn how to play the guitar, to get into bands, to get famous, get rich… all that stuff and more because these in fact were the incentives, the very reasons why they would practice for hours on end, often until their fingertips bled. In fact, it is clear that those who try to get better at anything, whether it is race car driving, golf, tennis, or even an MBA, have a clear goal in mind, with some sort of an incentive as the pay off.

If you would like to take part in a comprehensive online and instructor led RockSter Instruction program (in only 10 weeks), I have listed the link below. This venue is open to EVERYONE. I have taught this platform to children of 7 years-old to “Big Kids” at the age of 80. This “10WeekRockStar” course will save countless hours of boring and redundant instruction.

Pleasure meeting everyone and please feel free to email me if you would like to jam sometime! Thanks for reading.

Blair Barnhardt, APM


Blair Barnhardt is one of the world’s leading experts in Pavement Management, In Place Asphalt Recycling and Pavement Preservation. He is the Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller The Book on Better Roads – Saving Your Crumbling Roads with Practical Pavement Management. Over his career he has saved local agencies millions of dollars by training them how to implement the Three Legged Stool System™ of Pavement Management that he has devised. Blair also thinks out of the other side of his brain as a recording musician, songwriter and guitar instructor. Over the last decade he has delivered one on one rock guitar instruction to over 500 learners at ridiculously high priced rates. Our team built this site to shorten your learning curve. So whether you want to learn how to save money with pavement management, learn rock guitar, or SUP yoga for that matter, we are bringing you everything you want to know in 10 weeks of funducational™ training videos!

10 Week Rockstar | Learn to Play Rock Guitar NOW

Ever sat around the campfire and wished you could play rock guitar with your friends? Ever dreamt of writing and recording your own music? Perhaps you want to play lead guitar? You have arrived!

Thank you, again!